An Open Letter of Thanks from Parents to the Trans & Two-Spirit Community

This is a letter written by the members of The Canadian Parents of Trans & Gender Diverse Kids group in recognition of every trans, non-binary. gender diverse, and two-spirit person who has fought for the rights our children will now have. 

With the greatest love and respect for everyone in the community who has helped my family along in this journey, I share it on my blog. 

June 19, 2017

We, the parents and caregivers of the Canadian Parents of Trans and Gender Diverse Kids/Parents canadiens d’enfants trans group, wish to publicly thank the transgender and two-spirit community for their invaluable work in helping our children receive Federal rights and protections through Bill C-16.

Thank you for the many years you have fought for trans rights in Canada. We know how little support you received and how few allies you had early on, and yet you kept pushing for what was right. Because of you, people started listening, momentum grew for this important cause, and our children will now grow up in a better world.

However, this is not all we wish to thank you for.

Because of you, we knew what to do when our children came out to us. We had examples from older trans and non-binary people to learn from, a guideline to best support our children. We had books to read, blogs to follow, and people who selflessly mentored and guided our families. We were able to learn how to best support our kids through your examples, and how to fight for their rights in our communities and beyond.

Because of you, there was a framework of rights and procedures to follow in many of our provinces. Some of our schoolboards had guidelines or policies in place to support our children, and many educators had already received training. Many of our children’s hospitals and other pediatric facilities across the country have gender clinics in place to assist our youth in getting medical support from an early age.

Because of you, our children have diverse, dynamic and powerful role models to look up to. Seeing themselves visibly represented in all walks of life provides them with hope for a brighter future.

Because of you, society is becoming increasingly informed and more inclusive of our trans and gender diverse children. While many of our kids still face discrimination, it is often a far cry from what they might have faced years ago, before all the work you have done to make things safer.

The passing into law of Bill C-16 is a historic moment for everyone in the trans community, a culmination of years of work from people who stood tall until the country took notice. It is through your perseverance and resilience that our children not only have these rights today, but an entire framework in place to lead wonderful, authentic lives.

Thank you from all of us, from families all over the country, for everything you have done. We are committed to listening to, learning from, and working alongside you to improve the lives of trans, two-spirit and gender diverse people in Canada.


The parents and caregivers of Canadian Parents of Trans and Gender Diverse Kids/Parents canadiens d’enfants trans



Amanda Jette Knox